CNC Robotic Cutting Systems

Customer Reviews

We do custom work and use PlasmaCAM for most of it. Every project is unique, so design time is critical. The software makes it super easy to go from my ideas to quality-cut parts. With art, the final product is often different than the idea you start with. The software gives you the freedom to experiment. It's easy to change things, like a font for a customer who has a different preference. The machine works amazingly well too. Parts consistently come out just like your drawings - precise and smooth. It's great to bring into the world ideas from your imagination, made of something as lasting as metal.

You guys built it right. We've cut close to 3000 4x8 sheets from 1/4" to 1" thick. We've cut many 8-ft flanges in sections; the machine works great!

PlasmaCAM is a well thought-out tool. The software is incredible; it's intuitive and easy to use. I can quickly go from a concept to a finished part. As a fabricator, I appreciate the clean design of the machine itself. I don't think there's a better bang for your buck. I haven't seen anything we can't do with this machine. It's saved us so much time and effort, it's just incredible!

We love the machine and have formed an entire business around it. In a short time we already have enough orders to make a good living and are thinking about a second machine. It does everything the PlasmaCAM people say it will do and more. Around Christmas, we had it working non-stop 20 hours a day without a miss. In my opinion, you couldn't do better at twice the price!

We're a small, family owned HVAC service company. We purchased the machine to aid in ductwork fabrication but find that we use it more for the side business that we've created - Steller SteelWorks. I've been able to do quite a bit with the software and am looking forward to the new ideas and creations that we can put through this machine.

This is something that every school should have. It teaches students valuable skills for their future vocations

excerpt from audio: "...I don't know how I was doing it before because this thing just saves you so much time and it interfaces well with my AutoCAD that I am familiar with..."