CNC Robotic Cutting Systems

Home Hobbyists

PlasmaCAM machines are used in thousands of home shops and garages because they are so affordable, easy to use, and reliable. The standard machine requires little space, and the fully integrated DesignEdge® software makes designing and cutting parts straightforward. The video-based instruction manual helps you set up the machine and start cutting in no time.

PlasmaCAM provides the only practical solution for part-time use by anyone, without the usual learning curve of CNC machines that limits them to experts and full-time specialists.

When used at home, PlasmaCAM machines provide:

PlasmaCAM users often report starting small only to have things grow unexpectedly large, usually because of unforeseen demand and moneymaking potential. Many quit their regular jobs, come out of retirement, or move into larger shops to pursue the new opportunities. One family farm was so successful making metal art with their PlasmaCAM machine that they bought five more machines to mass-produce products they shipped all over the country!

Hobby Project Examples

Flywheel Driven Stomper Truck

Spice Rack

Radio Controlled Car

Learning Tower Stool

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