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PlasmaCAM Copyrights, Trademarks and Patents

PlasmaCAM, Inc, owns and maintains a multitude of copyrights, trademarks and patents filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. All rights to intellectual property are strictly enforced and aggressively defended.


PlasmaCAM, Inc. monitors competitors’ websites, for theft of intellectual property. Other sources of theft discovery include monitoring EBAY® and other selling platforms, CNC industry and shop websites, undercover investigations and incoming customer tips. When violations are discovered, legal action is taken.

Intellectual Property Rights

Theft from Competitors

We’re seeing a steady rise in the violation of intellectual property rights like copyrights, patents and trademarks. Because PlasmaCAM, Inc. is the primary company developing new technology for more accessible CNC plasma cutting, it becomes the target of those wanting to exploit those advancements without paying for them. 
Unfortunately, many of our competitors actively promote copyright infringement and give their customers illegal copies of software. One competitor even hired a foreign hacker to alter our software to display their name in place of ours so they could sell the pirated software with all of their machines without their customers suspecting anything. Other competitors try to stay clean by directing their customers to do the dirty work of obtaining illegal copies and bending the rules on licensing.
To combat theft from competitors, the PlasmaCAM legal team mobilizes a variety of personnel to investigate and litigate the offenders. Further case information is gathered through legal depositions of employee statements, websites, and undercover investigations inside the offending companies’ facilities as well as select customers’ facilities they have sold stolen property to.

End User Piracy

There are two types of end users involved in intellectual property theft.

Regardless of the violator knowingly or unknowingly selling, sharing, receiving or possessing stolen intellectual property, the consequence can be harsh. All violators will be contacted by our legal team. Depending upon the situation, a response and financial remedy will be demanded. 

If the violator agrees to reimburse PlasmaCAM, Inc. for the stolen property – No further action will be needed.

If the violator denies, refuses or opposes reimbursement – Investigations, legal discovery, depositions and court filings will follow. PlasmaCAM, Inc. will seek reimbursement for stolen property, investigation cost, court costs and legal fees. As in several past cases favoring PlasmaCAM, Inc., court judgments may be paid in full or set up as a payment plan.

If you unknowingly purchased stolen intellectual property belonging to PlasmaCAM. Inc. You can take the following actions.