CNC Robotic Cutting Systems

Signs & Lettering

Make high-quality custom metal signs the easy way with PlasmaCAM®. From small, whimsical garden signs to large, professional business signs, the possibilities are endless!

Simply add lettering to any artistic or geometric design from a selection of over 500 fonts included in our DesignEdge® software, or from any TrueType font on your computer.

Letters can be cut as holes or as a solid part of the sign, depending on your design. You can modify the shapes of letters, cut them individually, or join them to a larger shape. The software can automatically stencil letters and fit them around curves and other shapes. See our demo video for specific examples of custom signs you can create with the DesignEdge software.

You’ll be amazed by how quickly your ideas turn into outstanding products!

Create fantastic custom signs featuring school mascots, company logos, names, addresses, and much more! To make this custom sign, the eagle was imported from clipart into our software, connected to letters, and cut as one piece. Our demo video shows how quickly signs like this can be drawn and cut on the machine.

Sign Creation with DesignEdge®

Many customers create signs by simply adding letters to PlasmaCAM Art Scenes

First, you simply open the desired scene file.

Then, you add text below the base. 

DesignEdge software makes text font selection,  placement, resizing and combining with art an easy process.

What PlasmaCAM machine owners are saying

I’ve been in the custom sign business for 18 years. I bought a PlasmaCAM machine four years ago and was immediately comfortable with it. I cut steel, aluminum and copper to make my own letters, sign brackets, and even architectural beam brackets for interior décor. I also help two steel engineering firms create custom stair railings, door surrounds, and gates.
I use the machine in almost every project now and it’s really become the left arm of my business. (I’m a lefty.) Its capabilities give me a creative advantage well beyond most sign shops. I win contracts with ideas and designs that would otherwise be impossible to produce, especially so quickly and accurately. This thing makes money, and it paid for itself within the first three months!
Sincerely, Dave Harwood, Owner, All Signs & Letters, LLC