CNC Robotic Cutting Systems

Customer Reviews

I got this machine about 2 years ago. I first used it to make crane parts. After cut backs in the forestry industry I sold my crane company and kept the plasma cutter for making art. Attached are pictures of a 3 dimensional salmon. Drawn by well known west coast Salish artist Joe Wilson. I made 12 of these fish, (each about 4 feet long) for the Vancouver Olympic Committee. They are now on permanent display at Canada Place in Vancouver. I also make other art and signs that now bring in steady income for me. Check out (a work in progress)

Currently we build over 60 different year make and model frames and chassis for Hot Rods, Muscle Cars and Custom cars as well as do complete turn key builds and I will just tell you that the Plasmacam is our lifeline. Just about every part we make is cut on the machine even our frame rails. I don't know how we ever got anything done without it. Our productivity went through the roof with the addition of the machine and took us to a different level of quality. Actually thinking about adding a second machine soon.

I'm a metals teacher in Illinois. Our students have had nothing but productive success with our machine. And I feel that after 3 years of use, lots of student abuse, and a couple thousand cuts, our machine has since proved itself worthy of being a great investment. Take it for what its worth, but customer support, the machines durability, and its incredible user friendly system, I would highly recommend the PlasmaCam to anyone.

The Plasma Cam is just incredibly good, easy to learn cnc cutting software. It is probably the easiest to learn Cad/Cam package on the planet.

PlasmaCAM is great. We get excellent service. We always get the best service from the company. The staff is very helpful. I love this machine.

I have to complement you, you have really done a great job. The manual was very well thought out.

I am a proud owner of your DHC model PlasmaCAM table. Your machine is quality I've known that from day one.