CNC Robotic Cutting Systems

Optional Attachments

With a PlasmaCAM® machine, you can do more than just plasma cut flat pieces of metal. With our optional attachments, you can cut round pipe and tubing, engrave added detail, route wood and plastic, and produce 3-dimensional shapes.

Pipe Cutting Attachment

Cut artistic designs, letters or geometric shapes into pipe. The optional pipe cutting attachment cuts tubing between 1½ and 13½ inches in diameter. Tube length is unlimited through indexing. The DesignEdge Software program includes advanced pipe notching features for welded pipe junctions.

Router Attachment

Cut shapes out of wood, plastic and other materials. The optional Routing Attachment quickly installs in place of plasma torch and includes router and vacuum hose. Accepts ⅛-inch and ¼-inch bits for cutting profiles, grooves, holes, pockets and more. PlasmaCAM’s DesignEdge software even lets you make 3-dimensional projects with the machine from wood, plastic, metal or other materials. 

Engraving Attachment

Engrave metal and other materials with precise designs, letters and markings. The optional Engraving Attachment quickly installs in place of plasma torch and includes high quality engraver. Adjustable down force provides consistent engraving depth on uneven material.