CNC Robotic Cutting Systems

Students Win Future Metalworking Artisan Contest

Jacob Agee made this smoker for his local FFA Chapter and school. He used an old boiler tank for the main chamber and mounted two air compressor tanks to each side for additional heat output. He also used old chipping hammer handles on all the doors and vented the top of the smoker with two 5-inch chrome exhaust pipes.

Plasma Cutting Components for Robotics and Animatronics

As a child, Josh Gray went to Disneyland and watched an animatronic Abraham Lincoln that inspired him to learn and work in robotics. He later earned a mechanical engineering degree and moved to Los Angeles to work with Hollywood geniuses like Stan Winston and Steven Spielberg.

Manufacturing Comes Back Home

Carrie knew that the unreliability of importing would be a problem, and says, “We looked at each other and realized we were going to have to do this in-house.” “So we bought a PlasmaCAM machine,”

Contractor Builds an Income During a Construction Downturn

“So I took some guys into the shop, and we tried to create something. We sat around and thought about what people were still buying in this economy, and one of the things was coffee. And so I decided to design a coffee station for an office.”

Dennis Wheeler Shows Off His Custom Hot Rod

Fabricator and hot rod enthusiast Dennis Wheeler cruises down a Colorado mountain road in his custom built roadster. Doing all his own work, Wheeler rebuilt his modified 1948 F-1 Ford from the ground up.