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Manh Adbelsalam, a metalworker in the Yemen Republic, has created a number of interesting products that are designed for his local context. In the Middle East, Arabic art (or Islamic art) is the ancient style of design that usually focuses on geometric patterns or Arabic calligraphy rather than on living figures. This style of art is still popular today in much of the world and can be seen in traditional forms as well as new, innovative forms like the creative metal Arabic art of this craftsman.

The gates and other front entrances to homes and public buildings are very important in the Middle East for reasons of pride, hospitality and security. It is common for the metal front gate to be the most expensive component in the construction of a new house. Gates, door panels, window guards, and other decorations made by Abdelsalam get a much better price than the average products because of the value he adds with his plasma cut Arabic metal art.

Another form of Islamic metal art with great potential is calligraphy. This beautiful script is painstaking to write and even more difficult to handcraft in solid form. But with his PlasmaCAM computer-controlled plasma cutting table, Abdelsalam can draw and cut fancy metal Arabic script in minutes. By adding Arabic writing to his designs, such as family names, versus from the Qur’an, or other statements, he can further customize and enhance his work.

Abdelsalam uses his PlasmaCAM machine to make products faster and more efficiently than his competition, and the quality and durability of his work is visibly superior.

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