CNC Robotic Cutting Systems


Who says you can’t put a CNC plasma cutting machine in your house? Ray Macky of did just that!

Of course, it helps that Macky’s current living situation is in a live/work studio which is relatively fireproof. Regarding his situation with the machine Ray said, “This is really good if you love metal work since you get to actually sleep in your shop so to speak.”

Macky’s setup includes clear industrial, vinyl curtains to keep plasma dust from entering his living quarters; a dual fan exhaust system; and a custom computer work station that also houses the plasma cutter.

As for the exhaust system, Ray said, “There are two exhaust fans in my upper window. The lower one hooks up [to the base of the machine] to act as a down draft for the table. I boxed in the sides of the machine using cement board. It is completely fire proof and cheap. I painted it black for looks. The top fan sucks out any smoke and fumes that rise up to the ceiling. It is mounted up high for best effect.”

The same care went into creating the custom computer station. Ray also talks about his early design ideas for the work station. “Originally I had the plasma cutter, a Hypertherm Powermax 600 on a separate stand but decided to combine the two. This has worked out very well. It keeps everything combined in one neat package and is easy to roll around when needed.” Of course, no work station is complete without the custom 1905 cast iron tractor seat mounted to the newer office chair base with quick height adjust.

One of the first jobs Ray cut with the CNC plasma cutter was for window guards for the famous La Cucina del Diavolo restaurant in Vancouver (appropriately named “The Devil’s Kitchen”). Ray says about his plasma table, “Yes, this machine is a real thing of beauty to watch running! Having this machine opens up all sorts of possibilities with metal fabrication.” Macky also adds, “I would have to say it is as fun as it looks!”