CNC Robotic Cutting Systems


When John Cash started his business in metal art he used a hand torch to cut everything. He found this method was tedious, time consuming, and not accurate at all. John recalls, “We used to cut everything by hand and had a lot of trouble”. Then he found a solution to his problem.

One day he saw an advertisement for PlasmaCAM in an industry magazine. Once he received his machine he realized what an important addition it was in his shop. “Now our PlasmaCAM machine does it all, attaining levels of production not possible before. It’s the main piece of equipment in my shop and has run 40-50 hours a week for the past three years.”

Besides cutting accurately, John found that the software was also easy to learn, and a vital part of his design process. “Drawing up our own designs and scanning them into the computer is extremely simple.”

The plasma machine saves him money and gives him the detail he needs to be successful in creating high quality artistic pieces. John is very pleased with his machine. “I’ve been totally impressed with this machine ever since the day I bought it. It attains incredible detail, is very easy and cost efficient to operate, and requires little maintenance. The bottom line is: this machine makes me money!”

The article below was published by Fabricating & Metalworking magazine to describe how John Cash uses the PlasmaCAM in his business:

Magazine Article Featuring John Cash