CNC Robotic Cutting Systems


Marty, owner and operator of FAB Metalworking, started his business cutting various parts with his PlasmaCAM machine for Municipal snowplows. Little did he know, his business would change drastically due to one friend’s request.

Marty’s friend, John, asked him, “Hey, can you make these?” – speaking of parts for a demolition derby car – and Marty, having realized the PlasmaCAM machine’s capabilities said, “If you can draw it – I can cut it!”

Almost overnight John’s friends, who were also into derby driving, were thinking of different parts for Marty and John to cut. One of these friends also included Ron Pazera of Mop Derby Products. Ron now considers FAB Metalworking to be a crucial supplier for his derby products.

“We produce many different parts for other derby related companies. These include gas pedals, transmission shifters, and, one of the most satisfying, custom roof signs. To see a customer’s custom idea or sketch turn into an actual finished product is the best.”

Marty and John are also using PlasmaCAM’s software to design customers’ signs on site. Marty said, “Using heavy gauge sheet and incorporating John’s AutoCAD experience, we have made the customers’ designs come to life. Using laptops, we even have designed many custom signs on site at such large derby events including Metal Mayhem, Spring Explosion and Husker Havoc. Soon, we hope to be cutting custom roof signs on site.”

The PlasmaCAM plasma cutting system has changed Marty’s business. “Our main focus is to help build the sport of demolition derby by producing affordable and quality-driven products of all types from bumper to bumper and roof to wheels. Using PlasmaCAM from start to finish is by far the best machine for the dollar.”