CNC Robotic Cutting Systems


Brent Mors uses his PlasmaCAM cutting table for a lot of different projects. From making scroll benders to artistic pieces and even to prototypes for machinery.

One very unique idea of using the machine has been to use it to cut custom computer cases. These cases include custom designs and even lettering.

Because of the components that need to fit inside the case, and the peripherals that plug into the back, accuracy was an important part in making everything fit correctly in the computer case. Items such as the hard drive, disc drives, motherboard, and power supply all have to fit in the case a certain way. Also the power supply has to have a fan port for ventilation. These are just the basics of what a computer case needs.

Brent took the case further and created custom graphics and lettering on his case. Brent explains how he made the red background to the graphic, “The top cover design was cutout, then I glued a piece of red ¬†plexiglass behind it, the plexiglass is backlit by the lighting that I used for backlighting the text that is cut out on both sides of the case.”

He has used the machine to cut many cases. He has used both 16 and 18 gauge steel and aluminum for the computer enclosures.

In regard to cutting, he talks about the ease of use the machine provides, “The combination of the machine capabilities and the ease of use of the PlasmaCAM software, I am able to easily make changes or alter a current part before cutting.”

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