CNC Robotic Cutting Systems


Located in the sunny state of Florida, Chassis Design has made its home. It is there that Coast Chassis builds high performance drag racing machines.

Before purchasing a PlasmaCAM CNC plasma cutting table, Coast Chassis had problems getting quality parts. Pete told us, “Having been in business for more than 15 years, the majority of precision parts were either painstakingly made by hand or purchased at a premium from manufacturers.”

Coast Chassis came to the point where they decided to venture out and look to fabricate their own parts. They purchased a PlasmaCAM table and started cutting. “Now, with the use of PlasmaCAM and the PlasmaCAM software, we are able to produce numerous parts at our own facility” says Pete.

With the help of the PlasmaCAM cutting system, they have also been able to create parts not previously possible using third party fabrication shops. “We are also able to personalize many items with our initials or shop name to increase exposure and style. Before PlasmaCAM, this was either extremely limited or not possible at all.”

With the need to build very precise parts, and with tight deadlines, Chassis Design has used this amazing tool to help build some of the fastest cars in their class.

Chassis Design builds cars such as this 2004 Mustang Twin-Turbo Outlaw with 10.5″ tires owned by Anthony DiSomma, which clocked, running a quarter mile, in 6.91 seconds. The PlasmaCAM machine was used to build parts for the car such as wheelie bars, turbo flanges, the motor plate and mid plate, door handles, all tabs and brackets, four-link brackets, and battery hold downs to name a few. Pete said, “We cut everything we possibly could with the PlasmaCAM.”

The PlasmaCAM Cutting Machine has helped increase productivity for Chassis Design. Pete told us, “Our productivity and creativity have increased tremendously since we have implemented our PlasmaCAM machine.”