CNC Robotic Cutting Systems


Influenced by a local soldier that lost his life in the defense of his country, Sandra and Walter Moss were inspired to create a piece of artwork to show their support for their country and the military that gives so much.

Sandra took 3-1/2 months to get the design of the maple tree perfect.

Then it was imported into the PlasmaCAM software and cut on the table. Walter polished the steel and treated it with heat to get different earthy tones in the metal.

Two pieces of the art were made. One went to the Military Museums in Calgary where on May 25th Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Minister of National Defense Gordon O’Conner were among the first to view the art during a fundraising dinner in support of youth educational programs at the museums.

The pieces were cut using 16 gauge cold rolled black steel. The artwork is of a metal maple tree with dozens of 13-point maple leaves (the 13 point maple leaf, one point for each province and territory in Canada) which is surrounded by the geographical border of Canada. 19 Wing commander Col. Jon Ambler has said, “To have something that symbolizes our nation, the geographical limits of it, but then throughout it to have the 13-point maple leaf will appeal to the soldiers.

“They’ll think of these people back in Canada, thinking about those soldiers, appreciating those soldiers, creating something beautiful and inspirational and sending it to them – I mean that speaks a lot about Canada and the kind of people we are.”