Jon Cash,
Cash Metals
Lighting, furniture
& fixtures

“We used to cut everything by hand and had a lot of trouble. Now our PlasmaCAM machine does it all, attaining levels of production not possible before. It's the main piece of equipment in my shop and has run 40-50 hours a week for the past three years. Drawing up our own designs and scanning them into the computer is extremely simple. I've been totally impressed with this machine ever since the day I bought it. It attains incredible detail, is very easy and cost efficient to operate, and requires little maintenance. The bottom line is: this machine makes me money!”

Jon makes these beautiful custom lamps for a national restaurant chain using his PlasmaCAM™ machine.

“Your product is everything we were hoping for and more. The system has completely eliminated any need for grinding, which alone has paid for the machine. We're making things we could never have done before by hand. The avenues that are opening up because of it we have only begun to explore.”
Roy Bloom, Bloom Forge

“Your machine has worked flawlessly. We've cut over 10,000 parts and our orders have tripled!”
Tom, Schwabb Photography

“The kids love the machine and have made all kinds of signs and projects. You can't believe the amount of work we've done with it. I've had to limit use ‘cause the kids would cut on it round the clock if given a chance. I've got a few students who want to get financing and set themselves up in business with a machine.”
Greg Upham, Helena High School

“We love the machine and have formed an entire business around it. In a short time we already have enough orders to make a good living and are thinking about a second machine. It does everything the PlasmaCAM people say it will do and more. Around Christmas, we had it working non-stop 20 hours a day without a miss. In my opinion, you couldn't do better at twice the price!”
Paul Bevans, Iron Art Shop

“I don't think there's anything I can't cut out on this machine. It's cool when you can just draw something and cut it out. People wonder how I'm doing' it!”
Jay, Favorite Fabrications

Ken Garcia,
KLI Landscaping

"I was impressed by how easy the machine was to learn. I hadn't had much computer experience, but I just read the manual and got going. The manual is really good and the PlasmaCAM staff were great to work with.

We make patio furniture, signs and other decorative pieces that flow well with our outdoor landscaping business. The demand for various products surprised us. The software really helps me to get creative. It doesn't take me long to draw up and cut new designs.

The machine is very easy to operate, requires little maintenance and is economical to run. Our machine paid for itself in 3 months. We highly recommend PlasmaCAM."

Ken produces a wide assortment of decorative
lawn furnishings using his PlasmaCAM™ machine.

This bench was cut using an actual butterfly photo.

“The software is the most impressive part. It's rare to have a brilliant software program coupled with such a good machine.”
Tom Sommerville, Sommerville Design

“We spent two years looking for the right CNC machine to teach our students on, because they don't have time to learn some arduous programming method. PlasmaCAM was the answer because it helps us get our students designing and cutting parts quickly.”
Terry, Warren Technical Center

“You have put a lot of good engineering into this machine. I've been machining for over 20 years and can tell you that you've done a great job!”
Mark, Semco Engineering

“It's been running great – my wife loves it! The only problem is every night I come home to a pile of stuff I gotta weld for her.”
Rex Mayo, Mayo's

Jim LaTour, Custom Turbo Engineering
Turbochargers & related componentry
“PlasmaCAM is a well thought-out tool. The software is incredible; it's intuitive and easy to use. I can quickly go from a concept to a finished part. As a fabricator, I appreciate the clean design of the machine itself. I don't think there's a better bang for your buck. I haven't seen anything we can't do with this machine. It's saved us so much time and effort, it's just incredible!”
Jim cut blanks for these turbo exhaust flanges
using his PlasmaCAM™ machine.

“We're having a blast! We made over $3800 at the first show we visited!”
Laurie Gradie

“I work for a fab shop that runs an expensive laser. They also got a PlasmaCAM machine and can do a lot with it that they can't do with the laser.&rquot;
George Couch

“I'm cutting a lot of stuff from your art CDs. I just set a bunch of it in the front of my shop and people came by and bought it. They've sold like crazy and I can't keep up with the orders. This machine is fabulous!”
Neil, Highland Contracting

“PlasmaCAM service has been excellent. You guys really stand behind your product and have been a big help.”
Jerry, PlasmaCraft

The parts for this sculpture were cut with the PlasmaCAM machine.

"It used to take a week or more to hand cut these pieces. With our PlasmaCAM it takes less than 30 minutes. It's the best investment we've made in 15 years. It literally paid for itself on the first Project."

Doyle Gobel
PlasmaCAM Owner
Sculpture and
Handcrafted Art

“This sucker is the coolest thing we've ever seen! The manual is great and the program was a snap to pick up. I want to compliment you on the way you do business – very professional.”
Harry Wood, Competitive Design

“You guys built it right. We've cut close to 3000 4x8 sheets from 1/4” to 1” thick. We've cut many 8-ft flanges in sections; the machine works great!”
Jim, Blum Enterprises

“The kids brag to their friends about all the cool stuff they cut in just one class period. They make parts for all their different projects – instead of having to buy them. They make trailers, grill guards, hitches, bumpers, school mascots, and animal silhouettes for wood projects like gun cases. Everything is done accurately and right the first time. I bought another PlasmaCAM for personal use, and my students see that I'm making money with it. No matter what they do after high school, they'll take these valuable skills with them.”
Nichols, H.S. Industrial Arts Teacher

Dan made this sign for a local business
using his PlasmaCAM™ machine.

&lquot;We do custom work and use PlasmaCAM for most of it. Every project is unique, so design time is critical. The software makes it super easy to go from my ideas to quality-cut parts. With art, the final product is often different than the idea you start with. The software gives you the freedom to experiment. It's easy to change things, like a font for a customer who has a different preference. The machine works amazingly well too. Parts consistently come out just like your drawings – precise and smooth. It's great to bring into the world ideas from your imagination, made of something as lasting as metal.”

Dan Romano,
IZ Design
Metal art, fixtures & signs



The U.S. Navy (on board ship), Toyota Motor Mfg., Boeing (Cape Canaveral), Dept. of Natural Resources, General Motors, U.S. Marines, Air National Guard, UCLA, Hollywood Set Makers, and hundreds of other institutions, schools, and businesses.