Software features:

  • Creates standard parts for HVAC, roofing, piping, and heavy plate industries
  • Comprehensive library has round, rectangular, oval and combination fittings
  • Uses industry standard gauges, connectors, seams, lining and vanes
  • Applies SMACNA standards, pressure gauge classes based on size, and bend setbacks based on metal thickness
  • Fully customizable parts – change dimensions, offsets, angles, size, shape, or construction
  • Shows previews, weight, square footage, scrap and costs before part is made
  • Keep production running efficiently with printed reports, materials lists, and production labels
  • Process multiple fittings at once for any number of jobs and zones

Make high-quality ducts, fittings, flanges and brackets for custom mechanical jobs. The optional software (shown below, left) automatically designs 3-dimensional custom parts based on your dimensions, materials and other preferences.

Create fittings fast:

  1. Click the shape you want and enter the details
  2. Preview the 3D shape and flat pattern(s) with connectors, seams, bend lines, etc.
  3. Print the material list and reports specifying how the part is made
  4. Cut the flat pattern(s) with the PlasmaCAM™ machine
  5. Form and assemble the piece(s) to make the finished part.

Optional Software

The PlasmaCAM™ software imports shapes from optional HVAC layout software packages (shown below left) and allows precision cutting of flat patterns and other mechanical shapes!

Make quality custom fittings like these in minutes!
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