This powerful machine makes heavy production easy!

The PlasmaCAM™ software (included in the system) includes simple CAD functions that let you quickly draw precise shapes on screen. You can also import drawings from other CAD programs in DXF format. Automatic functions clean up drawings, connecting broken pieces together. When you convert parts to cut paths, the software automatically adds lead-ins for piercing and offsets the edges to compensate for the kerf width of the torch (this makes parts come out accurately even though the torch removes a slot of material).
The machine is so accurate and versatile,
you'll make parts you couldn't make before.
This control panel is only 11 inches long. Notice the
incredible precision and detail in the cut edges.

Make intricate mechanical parts like these!
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Most of the mechanical parts shown throughout this website were drawn
directly in the PlasmaCAM™ software, without the need for any other program.
It's easy to copy parts and make nested arrays. The machine can cut as fast
as 1000 inches/minute, giving you a whole new level of production capability.