PlasmaCAM Owner Testimonials

Many of our customers are so excited about their cutting systems that they send us comments by fax, mail and telephone. Shown below are just a few of these remarkable comments.

Chris (Hot Rods)
Currently we build over 60 different year make and model frames and chassis for Hot Rods, Muscle Cars and Custom cars as well as do complete turn key builds and I will just tell you that the Plasmacam is our lifeline. Just about every part we make is cut on the machine even our frame rails. I don't know how we ever got anything done without it. Our productivity went through the roof with the addition of the machine and took us to a different level of quality. Actually thinking about adding a second machine soon.

Don (Metal Art and Designs)
I've talked to people with other machines, and they all say they have a hard time just programming images. They say that if they could do it all over again, they would definitely go with PlasmaCam.

Roy (Parts Manufacturer)
Your product is everything we were hoping for and more. The system has completely eliminated any need for grinding, which alone has paid for the machine. We're making things we could never have done before by hand. The avenues that are opening up because of it we have only begun to explore.

Jim (High School Instructor)
This is something that every school should have. It teaches students valuable skills for their future vocations

Dan (Welding Shop)
I'm real happy with the machine and have no complaints. It's made me a lot of money and I'm getting a second one. I'm doing real good for a guy who never touched a computer. We really like the art disk and want to buy whatever else you come out with. We have a line of stuff that we cut and sell. The newspaper came out to take pictures of the machine. I have a fourteen year old kid running it. We're very good at scanning images and cutting them out. We built a cross for a cathedral in St Paul. We cut a special aluminum alloy out of 3/8 and 1/4. It took 253 pieces, 3000 seams and 10,000 inches of welding. A documentary was aired on PBS that shows my son drawing and explaining the PlasmaCAM software and cutting the pieces.

Jose (Plasma Part Cutting)
I've made more money in the last 3 months with my PlasmaCAM than I did the entire year as a lawyer.

Andrew Stanford (Fabrication)
One of the strengths of having a machine like this is flexibility. When you need a specific part, you walk over, fire it up and walk away with what you need in minutes, instead of hours, or worse, instead of settling for a part that sub-par. The PlasmaCAM makes ALL of your fabrication look TOP SHELF! I truly don't remember what it was like to NOT have one in my shop!

Until you can experience the PlasmaCAM cutting system for yourself, you may find these responses hard to believe. Nevertheless, every response is accurate and unbiased - voluntarily given without the influence of any bribe or pressure.
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