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PlasmaCAM CNC Cutting Table PlasmaCAM's new inexpensive robotic cutting table holds a hand-held plasma torch and runs off your PC. This machine comes with very impressive software for importing and reproducing almost any shape from scanned images, computer fonts, to common drawing programs.

"It's a brilliant piece of work." 

-Jim Farrington, Crane & Rigging

See for yourself! Watch our amazing demonstration video and before you know it, you too will be making parts you never thought you could make before.

Get our Demo Video

click here for a video preview of the cutting table

In order to develop the best possible CNC plasma cutting machine, PlasmaCAM has engineered the entire system from the ground up. Our cutting table, electronics, and software have all been designed by us - purely for this one machine. Only Plasma CAM is this committed to building a good machine, providing you with a superior system that is less expensive and easier to use than anything else like it.

Cutting Table
The robotic cutting table is a very simple and easy to maintain mechanism:

  • Precise DC servo motors drive rack and pinion gears at variable speeds to provide accurate motion in any direction.
  • The unique, patented Z-axis controls the height of the torch, avoiding constant operator intervention and tip hangup common in other machines.
  • For superior accuracy, the gantry is synchronously driven at both ends.
  • Moving parts are rigid yet lightweight, allowing high acceleration and precise cutting at various speeds.
  • Unique controller bridges the gap between software and cutting table, letting you to see on screen what the machine is doing. This link allows flexibility, since parts are cut directly from drawings without the extra step of posting a program.

The table cuts a 4ft by 4ft area and works well with 4x8 and 4x10 sheets. In fact, the software allows you to automatically layout and cut 4x8 or larger (up to 20 ft long) shapes.

Your computer is the brain behind the machine, telling it where to move and how fast. The machine connects to your PC through a common parallel port (printer) cable.

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