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Survey Results

We ask all our customers who have been using their machines for a while - as many as we can reach - to answer the following questions. Each question is answered with a Yes, No or Undecided. The percentages listed show only how many of these customers answered Yes to each question. (The remaining percentages answered either No or Undecided.)

95% I have become skilled in the use of my machine.
92% The cutting system is easy to set up, operate and maintain.
95% I was able to quickly learn how to use my machine.
89% The instruction manual is good and it addresses my questions.
95% My machine has not required any expensive repairs.
90% I haven't needed a lot of tech support help from PlasmaCAM.
100% PlasmaCAM agents are honest and their service is excellent.
97% I am pleased with the accuracy of my cutting table.
97% The cutting table is very flexible and cuts a variety of parts - such as big, small, thick, thin, geometric, artistic, prototypes, production volumes, and different materials.
100% The cutting system is well designed, simple in construction, and reliable.
92% I consider the automated Z-axis to be a vital part of the machine.
97% The PlasmaCAM software is impressive and does what I need it to.
77% I now consider the 4 by 4 cutting size of the machine - coupled with the 4 by 20 capable software - to be a better choice than a larger, more expensive 4 by 8 machine.
97% My machine is very useful and has improved my company's capabilities.
100% I'm glad that I bought my machine.

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