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CNC Plasma Cutting

Conventional metalworking uses a vast variety of tools and processes to measure, cut, drill, weld, grind, bend and fasten together pieces of metal during the construction of a product. This type of work requires a great deal of skill, patience, sweat, and even blood.

Metalworkers around the world use hand plasma cutters for general cutting, but these tools Tree Signare not very useful by themselves. Hand motions allow only very crude control of cutter position, speed, and bevel angle.

Although CNC cutting machines have been around for some time, they have been extremely expensive ($100,000 and up), large and complex in operation. This has put CNC out of the reach of most metalworkers. However, PlasmaCAM is changing all of this.

In order to make CNC plasma cutting more easy and economical than ever before, PlasmaCAM has bridged the gap between the hand plasma torch and the PC. The PlasmaCAM cutting system itself - including the cutting table, the electronics, and the software - has been carefully engineered from the ground up, and is not based on any conventional CNC technology.

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The growing popularity of the PlasmaCAM cutting system is causing engineers and metal fabricators to rethink their whole approach to design and manufacturing. New designs are beginning to incorporate complex-looking plasma cut parts that actually replace multiple, more expensive parts previously made through labor intensive manual processes. The result is faster, more accurate production at a lower cost.

Because the PlasmaCAM machine is so easy to set up and use, prototypes of new designs can now be made and tested in a fraction of the time. The latest solid modeling programs like SolidWorks allow anyone to quickly create complex 3-dimensional Geese Table products. The parts can then be sent to the PlasmaCAM machine and cut. A complex new design can be accurately drawn, cut, assembled and tested all in one day!

The PlasmaCAM machine is also revolutionizing the ornamental iron industry. Pictures and drawings can be quickly scanned into a PC, imported into the PlasmaCAM software, and cut on the machine. Intricate artistic designs can be easily incorporated into a variety of metal projects. As a result, some individuals are making as much money as whole crews of metal shop workers.

How CNC Plasma Cutting Will Affect America in the Long Run.
The PlasmaCAM system is helping to reintroduce individualism in America. During the past few decades mass media, mass transportation, and massive corporate economics have been working to wash away uniqueness from the different parts of America. These forces of globalization offer everyone the same lifestyle and influence everyone to think the same, regardless of where they are from. Have you ever traveled to another part of the country only to see all the same restaurants and stores? Have you ever received a Christmas present from a distant relative - only to recognize the product from your local store or mall? If we're all eventually going to live and think the same as everyone else, who's going to be in control? What will happen to freedom?

PlasmaCAM is helping to reverse all this by returning to the hands of individuals the tools thatPatriots have so long been held only by the corporate giants:

  • Now your small-town cafe can afford to have a local sign maker build a sign that is more eye-catching than the big glowing sign at the burger franchise down the street.
  • Now you can build unique metal art products, railings, gates, furniture, etc. and really compete with mass-produced products imported from China and elsewhere.
  • Now you can invent, design and produce new mechanical devices so fast that your competitors won't have a chance to keep up.

Help make America great again by taking part in this new technology.

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