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Cutting Table Specifications

Power 120 VAC, 3 amp service required (can power off same circuit as PC).
Weight About 300 pounds. (Shipping weight is 380 pounds.)
Dimensions 64in wide by 60in deep by 90in high (table surface is 33in high).
Capacity Cuts a 4ft x 4ft area (can conveniently cut 4ft by 8ft or larger shapes up to 20ft by indexing the sheet). Table can accept up to ¾ inch thick material in smaller pieces.
Speeds Up to 820 in/min rapid travel; up to 150 in/min cut speed; 14 in/min on Z-axis.
Accuracy The accuracy of the machine is better than that of the plasma torch. The example full-size drawing shown below was generated by attaching a ball-point pen to the machine. Part accuracies as high as ±0.005 inch can be achieved depending on setup conditions.

Accurate Pen Drawing


Cutting System Components

PlasmaCAM System Components

A functional PlasmaCAM cutting system consists of the following basic components:

1. Personal Computer w/ accessories (customer supplied)

2. Hand Plasma Torch (customer supplied)

3. PlasmaCAM Cutting Table:
a) Electronic Control Box
b) Table Frame w/ Moving Torch Carrier

4. PlasmaCAM Controlling Software

Personal Computer
Use a PC equipped with a standard bi-directional PS/2 mode parallel port for controlling the PlasmaCAM cutting table. If you are planning to connect a printer and/or scanner to the parallel port, have an extra parallel port installed (they cost as little as $20). You must use an IEEE 1284 compliant 6 foot parallel port cable to connect to the machine. We recommend using a Pentium compatible 166 MHz or faster PC, with Windows 95 or 98 installed. A good PC with scanner can be purchased for under $800. We also suggest using a Logitech 3-button mouse with the PC.

Hand Plasma Torch
The PlasmaCAM cutting table fits almost any hand plasma torch. The torch is fairly easy to remove and replace, in case you need to use it for other types of cutting. To put your torch under the control of the machine, you can wire its trigger switch to a relay on the machine. The machine includes this wire and instructions for wiring it to the torch.

When selecting a plasma torch, don't just look at the price tag. Keep in mind that although most plasma torches are competitively priced relative to one another, some models are far superior to others. Choose the right plasma torch and save money and frustration down the road.

Service / Parts Replacement
The PlasmaCAM cutting table is composed of very simple mechanical and electrical parts that can be easily repaired or replaced by anyone with mechanical skills. Replacement parts are available at reasonable prices.

The electronic control box is the only complex part of the machine. It connects to motors and switches on the machine through basic wiring, and to the computer by a parallel port cable. The control box is easy to remove, and can be repaired or replaced at little or no cost (depending on the circumstances) through PlasmaCAM, Inc.

The PlasmaCAM Instruction Manual not only shows you how to replace parts and fix problems, but also how to take care of your machine and avoid repairs. This manual is very well illustrated and spells out step-by-step all that you will ever need to do with the machine.

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