Purchasing Questions

Why should I order the demo video packet?
Is this a kit? Are there any hidden costs?
What does the cutting system include? What must I provide?
What plasma cutter/computer should I use?
Do I need PlasmaCAM Art Discs?
Can I buy just the PlasmaCAM software?
How can you sell such a high-performance system for such a low price?


Machine Details

What is plasma cutting?
What kinds of materials can the machine cut?
How big is the machine? Are other sizes available?
How strong is the machine?
Why does PlasmaCAM use servo motors instead of stepper motors?
Why does PlasmaCAM use steel frame components instead of aluminum?
What's so unique about this machine?
Why does PlasmaCAM connect to the computer via the parallel port?


Peripheral Support

Does PlasmaCAM have dealers or offer dealerships?
Can I see a machine or talk to someone who has one before I buy?
How much training do I need? How much do I have to know about computers?
How much maintenance does the machine need? How well is it supported?
What warranty and support does the machine include?
What can I do with this machine? What kind of business can I start?