Do I need PlasmaCAM Art Discs?

You don't need PlasmaCAM Art Discs to make products with this machine. Even complex ornamental iron is easy to make by scanning your own hand-drawn artwork or using artwork from another source, such as clip art. However, PlasmaCAM Art Discs make a great investment for individuals, businesses and schools who want to work with ornamental iron projects. You can use them to make all kinds of outstanding projects with very little effort.

The enormous amount of creativity and time that PlasmaCAM artists put into each art piece is paid for by a pool of customers, meaning that each customer gets an excellent value. Plus, the number of Art Discs in circulation is relatively low. PlasmaCAM aggressively protects the Art Disc copyrights, diligently finding and prosecuting violators. This helps PlasmaCAM Art Discs retain their value and uniqueness.