Can I buy just the PlasmaCAM software?

Because the PlasmaCAM DesignEdge™ software is so powerful, fast and easy to use, several companies currently use it to program their laser, water jet, and other X/Y cutting machines. In order to do this, your machine must be programmable (for example, magnetic and optical tracing machines are not). Also, you need some way to upload programs to your machine from a computer. Our software can create program files in DXF, G-Code or HPGL/2 format. If your machine uses some other unusual format, it probably has translation software to turn one of these standard file types into the format needed. Our technical support department can help you work out the details once you receive the software.

Depending upon your machine, you may even be able to use our software to cut images from PlasmaCAM Art Discs. (Check with the manufacturer; most machines don't have sufficient memory, controller throughput, and acceleration to handle the intricate shapes and details present in these images.)

If you've watched our demo video, you know that the PlasmaCAM control system is truly unique. Instead of making you generate and run machine programs, the PlasmaCAM DesignEdge™ software directly controls the machine and cuts shapes from on-screen drawings. Keep in mind that these capabilities are only available when our software is used with our machine. We can't make other machines work like this, since they only run off of programs. Our software can really help with the design process, but the control process will still be very cumbersome.