PlasmaCAM CNC software

Eagle Sign

As an example of what our system can do, this eagle was imported from a CorelDraw CD into our software, connected to letters and cut as one piece.

Roping Table

In only 8 minutes this roping scene was scanned from hand-drawn artwork and prepared for cutting by our software. The scene was then cut from 10 gauge steel in 9 minutes

Our software works directly with images that you cut, making even the complicated seem simple. This eliminates any need for metal patterns, layout drawings, or machine programs. Many shops with high dollar machines are buying our software to replace theirs, so they never have to program in machine code again.

"The software is the most impressive part. It's rare to have a brilliant software program coupled with such a good machine."
Tom Sommerville, Sommerville Design

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PlasmaCAM CNC Software Dirt Bucket
The CAD features of our software allow you to quickly draw and layout precise geometric shapes like these dirt bucket parts. The bucket ears were drawn in less than 1 minute and cut from 3/8" material - without any grinding.

Note the smooth cut.

The PlasmaCAM software can be used to draw new designs, or to modify existing designs. One simple program allows you to do any of the following:

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Unlike other machines, the PlasmaCAM system has no memory limitations. You are only limited by the amount of memory in your PC, and PC RAM is far more abundant and inexpensive than CNC controller RAM. This makes PlasmaCAM's simple cutting system breeze through the same complex art scenes that make all the other machines choke!
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Our software has been tested by both experienced and inexperienced computer users. Most everyone agrees that for designing and cutting 2-dimensional shapes, the Plasma CAM software is both more effective and easier to use than any other CAD or CAM software package available. PlasmaCAM is the best because it has been designed for this one purpose only.