Projects Made with PlasmaCAM

The "Skybike" soars over a 125 foot cliff. Click here to see how this project was made using the PlasmaCAM Cutting System!

Survey Results

PlasmaCAM surveys consistently reveal outstanding customer satisfaction. The company periodically calls all of its customers to try to find out how they are doing with their machines. The following data is current and represents the majority of PlasmaCAM machine owners. The percentages show how many answered "yes" to each statement. If you own a machine and have not participated in this survey, you can do so by logging in.

98.0% The cutting system is well designed, quality constructed, and reliable.
95.8% The cutting system has been easy to set up, operate, and maintain.
97.2% The cutting table is very flexible and cuts a variety of parts - such as big, small, thick, thin, geometric, artistic, prototypes, production volumes, and different materials.
98.1% The machine is heavy-duty and robust.
99.0% I am pleased with the accuracy of the machine.
88.4% I am satisfied with the size of the machine and its indexing capabilities.
96.2% The machine's servo motors provide fast, high-performance cutting.
90.8% The PlasmaCAM software is impressive and does what I need it to.
81.8% The PlasmaCAM software is the most important part of the whole system.
80.2% I consider the Digital Height Control to be a vital part of the machine.
36.2 I have been using my machine for (average months).
91.3% My machine has not required expensive repairs.
70% I was able to quickly learn how to use my machine.
83.8% I have become skilled in the use of my machine.
71.1% The instruction manual is good and it addresses my questions.
61.4% I haven't needed a lot of technical support help from PlasmaCAM.
97.5% PlasmaCAM's after-sale service has been excellent.
47.5% My machine is used regularly for high-volume cutting.
48.2% My machine has paid for itself within a year.
99.7% My machine is very useful and has improved the capabilities of my operation.
99.3% The cutting system has performed as I expected.
98.2% I am glad that I bought my machine.