New DHC2 Table

  • Unique torch/tool holder.
  • 3 year limited warranty and free technical support.
  • Wide plasma torch compatibility.

Customer Reviews

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Jim, Plasma Cutter Manufacturer

The Plasma Cam is just incredibly good, easy to learn cnc cutting software. It is probably the easiest to learn Cad/Cam package on the planet.

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Ben, Metal Art and Designs

PlasmaCam looks like a solid tool.

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Cecil, Government

I had a project in which I may have had a need for the PlasmaCAM. I did a lot of research and emailing owners found all over the web - unbiasly. Everyone liked there machine that I talked to.

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John, Plasma Cutter Manufacturer

I looked at some holes cut by your machine. I know people who have paid $80K to $120K for a machine to get holes like that. Many times the holes aren't even that good.

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Roy, Parts Manufacturer

Your product is everything we were hoping for and more. The system has completely eliminated any need for grinding, which alone has paid for the machine. We're making things we could never have done b... more

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Craig, Metal work

I got this machine about 2 years ago. I first used it to make crane parts. After cut backs in the forestry industry I sold my crane company and kept the plasma cutter for making art. Attached are pict... more

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Terry, Refrigeration

4x8 sheets are what I run because it's easy to index. It cuts and stops, and then I just slide the sheet down and hit start again - it picks right up where it left off at. So it's real easy. I'm real... more

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Steve, Metal Art Studio

I love it. I have a lot of impressed customers. You might find it easy to do your drawing for your art work ideas with the software that runs the machine. Easiest drawing program I have ever used.

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John, HVAC Shop

I've got over $13,000 invested in my software alone, and yours will do more than mine will.

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Donnie, Metal Fabricator

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excerpt from audio: "...this thing is the cat's meow... everything happened just as you described it. Your company has definitely done its homework, I am thoroughly impressed..."

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