New DHC2 Table

  • Unique torch/tool holder.
  • 3 year limited warranty and free technical support.
  • Wide plasma torch compatibility.

Customer Reviews

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Roger, Fabrication Shop

You've got an excellent product and I'd happily endorse it.

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  • Currently 3.24/5
(250 votes cast)

James, Welder

I am having the most fun I have ever had.

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  • Currently 3.23/5
(250 votes cast)

Michael, CNC Machinist

I did not think it was going to be as heavy-duty as it is.

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  • Currently 3.22/5
(242 votes cast)

Jane, Private School

It's everything it's advertised to be - we're thrilled!

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  • Currently 3.20/5
(225 votes cast)

James, Manufacturing and Production

This thing looks like the answer to a maidens prayer

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  • Currently 3.18/5
(196 votes cast)

David, Welder and Art

I saw your machine at a vo tech school here in town- pretty impressive!

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  • Currently 3.18/5
(230 votes cast)

Marni, Custom Manufacturer

I've had a lot of fun with it, and it's been easy to use! It's been a li'l money-maker for me.

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  • Currently 3.17/5
(236 votes cast)

Jim, High School Shop Teacher

I could not even spell computer before I got this machine. I still don't feel that you guys are putting enough emphasis on the quality of the machine.

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  • Currently 3.15/5
(231 votes cast)

Paul, Iron Art Shop

We love the machine and have formed an entire business around it. In a short time we already have enough orders to make a good living and are thinking about a second machine. It does everything the Pl... more

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  • Currently 3.14/5
(297 votes cast)

Michael, Precision Fab & Alloys

plasma cams service is above any other when i bought it i called them for help to hook it up and they walked me through it also they have contacted me on 3 different occasions over a 3 year span just ... more

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  • Currently 3.14/5
(294 votes cast)