How big is the machine? Are other sizes available?

The machine and software will cut pieces up to 4ft by 20ft. The cutting table itself is over 5ft by 5ft, with a cutting area of 4ft by 4ft. After cutting the first 4ft area the table pauses, the sheet is indexed, and cutting is resumed until the entire shape is cut.

Because it works so well for most applications, the Model DHC2™ is the only machine we sell. If you really want a larger machine, we recommend the Samson 5ft by 10ft cutting table. Anything heavier or larger has serious tradeoffs to consider:

Many of our customers have bought machines with the intention of making them bigger (by purchasing another set of drive rails and fabricating a larger frame and cutting grate). Yet very few have actually followed through and done it. Why? Customer feedback suggests that once our customers get their machines and start using them, the perceived need for a bigger machine usually evaporates.


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