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Ken Garcia of Landscape Construction Tells How PlasmaCAM Has Changed His Business

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Ken Garcia owns and operates his own landscaping business. Before owning a PlasmaCAM Cutting table, he had little experience with computers. One of the compliments PlasmaCAM gets frequently is how easy the software and machine is for new users. Ken verifies this, "I was impressed on how easy it was to learn the machine. I hadn't had much computer experience, but just read the manual and got going".

Once Ken received his machine and it was up and running, he found that demand for various landscaping applications was enormous. His company now builds signs, patio furniture, and other metal art pieces that compliment his already reputable landscaping.

Another benefit of the machine is its ability to pay for itself quickly. Ken says, "Our machine paid for itself in 3 months".

As yet another successful business owner using the plasma cutting system, Ken leaves these remarks, "We highly recommend PlasmaCAM".

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