Art Discs

Create cutting-edge projects from our art discs or your own artwork with PlasmaCAM™!

These professional art discs contain various silhouette shapes designed for use in metal projects like the samples on this page. These images were scanned from highly detailed, hand-drawn artwork and converted into our own PlasmaCam™ drawing format by our software. They are ready to cut on your PlasmaCAM™ machine and come out really smooth and precise. The PlasmaCAM DesignEdge™ software lets you scale an image to any size. You can use entire images, pieces of images, or any combination - depending on your design.

Here at PlasmaCAM, we are continually developing quality CD-based projects you can make! Our artists are always working on something new and innovative!

Make intricate metal art projects like these!

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Art Discs

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Mike Elin's Old Frontier

Includes 32 intricate Old West and outdoor scenes (mostly flat-bottomed) for ranch entries, truck racks, signs and wall art - plus an alphabet of matching style letters and numbers.

Mike Elin's 19th Century America

Includes 32 intricate Old West and early American scenes in rectangular frames for tables, gates and wall art.

Mike Elin's Nostalgic Panels

Includes 36 early American, outdoor and folklore scenes sized for use as panels in gates, railings and other framed projects.

Carol Todaro's Charming Favorites

Includes 27 art scenes of varying styles for signs, tables, truck racks, gates, screen doors, railings, wall hangings and more.

Carol Todaro's Classic Cars

Includes 22 classic American, British, German and Italian car silhouettes ranging from the early 1900s to the 1970s.

Carol Todaro's Enchanting Clocks

Includes 40 clock designs of varying styles for making real, working clocks.

Mark Kagey's Classic Collection

Includes 45 art scenes, table designs, patterns, and other objects of varying styles for tables, gates, railings, borders, signs, wall hangings and more - plus 5 alphabets of varying style letters and numbers.

Marshall's Western Heritage

Includes 56 Old West art scenes, signs, embellishments, lamps, truck racks, ranch entries, and even working weathervanes.

Marshall's Enduring Signs

Includes 101 signs featuring nostalgic, western, outdoor and other themes for residential and commercial applications.

Marshall's Timeless Frames

Includes 57 detailed picture frames of various sizes featuring wildlife, nature, western and other themes.

Marshall's Exquisite Tables

Includes 66 scenes featuring wildlife, nature, scrollwork and other themes for use in decorative coffee tables of various shapes.

Marshall's Ornamental Gates

Includes 36 scenes featuring wildlife, western, nature and folklore themes for use in decorative rectangular and round-top gates.

Marshall's Ornamental Pickets

Includes 60 designs with scrollwork and various scenes to be welded within pickets in ornamental iron railings and gates.

Most of the complex art samples shown throughout this website were made from PlasmaCAM Art Discs!

Please call for pricing and more details on what you can do with PlasmaCAM Art Discs. 719-676-2700

The samples shown are typical of what is contained in each collection; to protect the artists' work, we cannot provide additional samples.