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The "Skybike" soars over a 125 foot cliff. Click here to see how this project was made using the PlasmaCAM Cutting System!

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James, Metal Art and Signs

Have done very well in all kinds of metal art work and signs. Have even Fabricated signs and parts for some of the Big name Restaurants.Have set up booths all over at times at various events,and have ... more

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Diane, Metal Art and Designs

I am really comfortable with the machine now. I am starting to do custom stuff. I don't know how I lived this long without it in this business. It has really changed my life.

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Aaron, Custom Woodworking

Your machine is great and has so many capabilities. I have nothing bad to say about it. The thing is so easy to use that only an idiot would have problems with. We are buying two more machines for our... more

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Don, Metal Art and Designs

I've talked to people with other machines, and they all say they have a hard time just programming images. They say that if they could do it all over again, they would definitely go with PlasmaCam.

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Bill, Welder

I am a proud owner of your DHC model PlasmaCAM table. Your machine is quality I've known that from day one.

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Daryl, Machine Shop Owner

I really like your software. The other CAD program I was using was like trying to work with the government!

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Steven, Metal Fabricator

I am very impressed by this machine. It impresses me more every day. I have a small fab shop and use it almost every day. The software is easy & powerful.

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Tom, University Professor

When putting together the machine, It's everything I could ask for.

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Jim, High School Shop Teacher

I'm so impressed with the quality of this thing. I'm proud to have an American company doing such great work. It fit together very tight.

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Kevin, Metal Machinist

PlasmaCAM is great. We get excellent service. We always get the best service from the company. The staff is very helpful. I love this machine.

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