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The "Skybike" soars over a 125 foot cliff. Click here to see how this project was made using the PlasmaCAM Cutting System!

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Jim, Plasma Cutter Manufacturer

The Plasma Cam is just incredibly good, easy to learn cnc cutting software. It is probably the easiest to learn Cad/Cam package on the planet.

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Jimmy, Ornamental Art

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excerpt from audio: "...Man I'll tell you what it's the most fun you can have and make money..."

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Steve, Metal Art Studio

I love it. I have a lot of impressed customers. You might find it easy to do your drawing for your art work ideas with the software that runs the machine. Easiest drawing program I have ever used.

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Don, Metal Art and Designs

I've talked to people with other machines, and they all say they have a hard time just programming images. They say that if they could do it all over again, they would definitely go with PlasmaCam.

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Diane, Metal Art and Designs

I am really comfortable with the machine now. I am starting to do custom stuff. I don't know how I lived this long without it in this business. It has really changed my life.

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Steven, Software Design

I have to complement you, you have really done a great job. The manual was very well thought out.

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Jim, High School Instructor

I have been associated with welding & metal fabricating since 1971. Plasmacam has designed a fantastic machine. My Gr 11 and Gr 12 students cannot get through the day on a fabricated product without t... more

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Mark, Manufacturing

We run this thing every day and I haven't changed a belt in 6 months. One time I crashed it so hard the carriage came off. I called to find out what to do and the guy said put it back on. I did, and i... more

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Glenn, Welding

I have had the machine for 2 years, trouble free!!! The sky is the limit for what you can do, simple to operate, I am cutting things I never thought of when I purchased it. Have called & talked to the... more

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Mike, Facilities Management

We really like the table... it's super-nice.

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