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The "Skybike" soars over a 125 foot cliff. Click here to see how this project was made using the PlasmaCAM Cutting System!

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Myron, Autopart Manufacturer

I like the software so far - it seems great. I can go in there and zip out a flange in 5 minutes. These things are ideal for cutting out brackets for cars. I have a '66 GTO, and you cannot buy bracket... more

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Cecil, Government

I had a project in which I may have had a need for the PlasmaCAM. I did a lot of research and emailing owners found all over the web - unbiasly. Everyone liked there machine that I talked to.

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Jim, High School Instructor

This is something that every school should have. It teaches students valuable skills for their future vocations

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Leo, Sheet Metal Products

I did a scene for a fireplace screen with my $50,000 machine. It took over 40 hours just to program it. It also runs out of memory when you try to cut things like that.

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Alex, Technical Academy Instructor

It's amazing, the more you run it, the more stuff (you realize) you can do with it.

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Drake, Metal Fabrication

I can't understand why other machines are designed with so much weight in the gantry and carriage. I've always hated that because it effects accuracy. I'm glad to see you've designed it on the light s... more

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Mark, Manufacturing

We run this thing every day and I haven't changed a belt in 6 months. One time I crashed it so hard the carriage came off. I called to find out what to do and the guy said put it back on. I did, and i... more

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Robert, High School Principal

Our school received a $28,640 grant and made headlines for a program called Entrepreneurship and Manufacturing Ideas Into Action that centers around using PlasmaCAM machine. We cross-train students fr... more

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Steven, Software Design

I have to complement you, you have really done a great job. The manual was very well thought out.

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Nathan, Fabricator

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excerpt from audio: "...It has really taken our company to the next level. The first day we had it pretty much I learned how to do everything I really needed to do..."

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