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The "Skybike" soars over a 125 foot cliff. Click here to see how this project was made using the PlasmaCAM Cutting System!

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Kevin, oilfield construction

After owning and running the 4x4 table for 7 years, I just upgraded to the Samson 5x10. Let me tell you what...this machine is a work of art by itself! from the setup, which was a breeze, to operati... more

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Eric, Fabrication and Prototyping

We have a $40,000 machine and we have a horrible time with the software. You get everything looking good on your screen, and then the machine does strange things when you actually cut.

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Mark, Iron Works

Thanks for your effort; not many companies would look for better ways to satisfy their customers after the sale. It's a credit to your companies' commitment to customer care.

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Andy, Artistic Metal Work

The fit and finish are outstanding. PlasmaCAM has another satisfied customer.

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Jerry, Welding Shop

PlasmaCAM service has been excellent. You guys really stand behind your product and have been a big help.

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Keith, Custom Fences and Gates

I have been using my new machine on art work that I purchased on the art discs and many pictures that I drew from the computer. My most recent job and certainly the biggest is a gate 4' x 20'. I am ve... more

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Scott, Manufacturing and Welding

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excerpt from audio: "...I bought a $300,000 burning machine. And this thing is every bit as good - and faster - than that machine I bought..."

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Larry, Steel & MFG

Yes I did have some motor trouble BUT, Plasmacam bent over backwards helping me get it going plus never cost me a penny.

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Ron, High School Teacher

I've taken school mascots from our district and added names to them- we're putting them up in gyms and people love it. Machine: The students love it- you're teaching them CNC and they don't even know... more

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Terry, Technical College Instructor

We spent two years looking for the right CNC machine to teach our students on, because they don't have time to learn some arduous programming method. PlasmaCAM was the answer because it helps us get o... more

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