New DHC2 Table

  • Unique torch/tool holder.
  • 3 year limited warranty and free technical support.
  • Wide plasma torch compatibility.

Customer Reviews

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Jim, Decorative Iron Works

I'm cutting 1/2in. and 3/4in. a lot these days and the machines doin great.

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Kim, Engineering Firm

We've enjoyed this thing tremendously. It's a great teaching tool. The engineering dept here has utilized the heck out of it.

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Paul, Machine Manufacturer

We've been building machines for 25 years, and I'm very impressed at how well this machine is manufactured.

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Keith, Welding

It's the greatest machine I've ever had in my life! You're awesome. This machine has paid for itself many times over.

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Andy, Artistic Metal Products

The PlasmaCAM has changed my life as far as being a part of the design process. It is so fast to go from idea to part. It's the coolest thing I have ever bought. The software is easy and only has what... more

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Mark, Iron Works

Thanks for your effort; not many companies would look for better ways to satisfy their customers after the sale. It's a credit to your companies' commitment to customer care.

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Rex, Metal Art Vendor

It's been running great, my wife loves it! The only problem is every night I come home to a pile of stuff I gotta weld for her.

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Harry, Welding & Repair

This sucker is the coolest thing we've ever seen! The manual is great and the program was a snap to pick up. I want to compliment you on the way you do business, very professional.

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Andrew Stanford, Fabrication

One of the strengths of having a machine like this is flexibility. When you need a specific part, you walk over, fire it up and walk away with what you need in minutes, instead of hours, or worse, ins... more

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Eric, Fabrication and Prototyping

We have a $40,000 machine and we have a horrible time with the software. You get everything looking good on your screen, and then the machine does strange things when you actually cut.

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