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The "Skybike" soars over a 125 foot cliff. Click here to see how this project was made using the PlasmaCAM Cutting System!

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Mark, Manufacturing

We run this thing every day and I haven't changed a belt in 6 months. One time I crashed it so hard the carriage came off. I called to find out what to do and the guy said put it back on. I did, and i... more

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Bill, Welding Shop

I'm astonishing all kinds of people with this thing.

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Dan, Metal Art, Fixtures & Signs

We do custom work and use PlasmaCAM for most of it. Every project is unique, so design time is critical. The software makes it super easy to go from my ideas to quality-cut parts. With art, the final ... more

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Dan, Welding Shop

I'm real happy with the machine and have no complaints. It's made me a lot of money and I'm getting a second one. I'm doing real good for a guy who never touched a computer. We really like the art di... more

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Jim, Construction

This thing is bad to the bone.

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Steven, Software Design

I have to complement you, you have really done a great job. The manual was very well thought out.

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James, Metal Art and Signs

Have done very well in all kinds of metal art work and signs. Have even Fabricated signs and parts for some of the Big name Restaurants.Have set up booths all over at times at various events,and have ... more

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Craig, Metal work

I got this machine about 2 years ago. I first used it to make crane parts. After cut backs in the forestry industry I sold my crane company and kept the plasma cutter for making art. Attached are pict... more

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Drake, Metal Fabrication

I can't understand why other machines are designed with so much weight in the gantry and carriage. I've always hated that because it effects accuracy. I'm glad to see you've designed it on the light s... more

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Kevin, Parts Manufacturer

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excerpt from audio: "...It's paid for itself a hundred times over. There was one day I cut 22 sheets of 16 gauge galvanized, 4x10 sheets. It's paid for itself over and over..."

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