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The "Skybike" soars over a 125 foot cliff. Click here to see how this project was made using the PlasmaCAM Cutting System!

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Chris, Hot Rods

Currently we build over 60 different year make and model frames and chassis for Hot Rods, Muscle Cars and Custom cars as well as do complete turn key builds and I will just tell you that the Plasmacam... more

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Alex, Technical Academy Instructor

It's amazing, the more you run it, the more stuff (you realize) you can do with it.

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Roy, Parts Manufacturer

Your product is everything we were hoping for and more. The system has completely eliminated any need for grinding, which alone has paid for the machine. We're making things we could never have done b... more

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Steve, Metal Art Studio

I love it. I have a lot of impressed customers. You might find it easy to do your drawing for your art work ideas with the software that runs the machine. Easiest drawing program I have ever used.

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Nathan, Fabricator

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excerpt from audio: "...It has really taken our company to the next level. The first day we had it pretty much I learned how to do everything I really needed to do..."

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Drake, Metal Fabrication

I can't understand why other machines are designed with so much weight in the gantry and carriage. I've always hated that because it effects accuracy. I'm glad to see you've designed it on the light s... more

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Jay, Custom Metal Fabricator

I don't think there's anything I can't cut out on this machine. It's cool when you can just draw something and cut it out. People wonder how I'm doing' it!

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Jim, Plasma Cutter Manufacturer

The Plasma Cam is just incredibly good, easy to learn cnc cutting software. It is probably the easiest to learn Cad/Cam package on the planet.

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Tom, Design & Manufacturing

The software is the most impressive part. It's rare to have a brilliant software program coupled with such a good machine.

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Tom, Custom Stainless Steel

It cuts our time literally by 90%. (Parts) used to take 30 minutes now takes a minute and a half.

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