New DHC2 Table

  • Unique torch/tool holder.
  • 3 year limited warranty and free technical support.
  • Wide plasma torch compatibility.

Customer Reviews

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Drake, Metal Fabrication

I can't understand why other machines are designed with so much weight in the gantry and carriage. I've always hated that because it effects accuracy. I'm glad to see you've designed it on the light s... more

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Jim, Construction

This thing is bad to the bone.

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Ronnie, Welder

I love the machine. I am tickled to death with it.

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Chris, Hot Rods

Currently we build over 60 different year make and model frames and chassis for Hot Rods, Muscle Cars and Custom cars as well as do complete turn key builds and I will just tell you that the Plasmacam... more

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Robert, High School Principal

Our school received a $28,640 grant and made headlines for a program called Entrepreneurship and Manufacturing Ideas Into Action that centers around using PlasmaCAM machine. We cross-train students fr... more

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Leo, Sheet Metal Products

I did a scene for a fireplace screen with my $50,000 machine. It took over 40 hours just to program it. It also runs out of memory when you try to cut things like that.

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Cecil, Government

I had a project in which I may have had a need for the PlasmaCAM. I did a lot of research and emailing owners found all over the web - unbiasly. Everyone liked there machine that I talked to.

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Tom, Design & Manufacturing

The software is the most impressive part. It's rare to have a brilliant software program coupled with such a good machine.

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Craig, Metal work

I got this machine about 2 years ago. I first used it to make crane parts. After cut backs in the forestry industry I sold my crane company and kept the plasma cutter for making art. Attached are pict... more

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Donnie, Metal Fabricator

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excerpt from audio: "...this thing is the cat's meow... everything happened just as you described it. Your company has definitely done its homework, I am thoroughly impressed..."

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