Download Software Update

We release free DesignEdge™ software updates from time to time that can be downloaded through the internet. These updates add improvements, capabilities and corrections for problems found. Many of the changes are significant so you should keep your software updated to the most current version for best results.

If your computer is connected to the internet, the DesignEdge™ software will automatically notify you when an update is available by displaying an "update software" button that you can click on the startup splash screen and the activate levels window. Otherwise, you can download and install the update manually from the link below. Save the file, transfer it to the computer that you wish to update, and then run the file to manually install the update. Compare the version shown in the link below to that shown in the About window of the Design Edge™ software to verify that you have the current version installed.

Note that free software updates are only available to those who have registered the DesignEdge™ software. If you purchased your machine or sofware licence before Febuary, 2011, you will need to order the DesignEdge™ software upgrade first. You can also order optional add-ons for the DesignEdge Software in order to access more advanced capabilities. (See the video manual for more information.)

Download DesignEdge Update Version 4.44

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